The Yva Jourdan Foundation Inc.’s (TYJF) mission is to magnify the leadership, power, and voices of women and children through transformative educational programs. At TYJF, we proudly introduce the HerRise Programs, dedicated to providing education and funding specifically tailored for women and girls of color in small business.

We envision a world where education and funding intersect to create pathways for success. Join us in the HerRise movement, shaping a future where every woman and girl of color has the tools and resources to rise, flourish, and make an enduring impact. Explore our programs and be part of a community dedicated to breaking barriers and building brighter, more inclusive tomorrows.

Welcome to TYJF – where educational empowerment transforms lives.

HerRise STEM Squad Program

HerRise STEM Squad is a gender-specific program designed to encourage high-school girls to apply science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) concepts and skills through hands-on, inquiry-based learning.

Embark on a journey of discovery with HerRise STEM, where young girls explore exciting career and college pathways in science, technology, engineering, and math. This program is designed to ignite passion, foster skills, and pave the way for a future where women of color thrive in STEM fields.

HerRise MicroGrant Program

Empowering dreams with financial support, HerRise MicroGrant is our commitment to women of color small business owners. Through this initiative, we provide education and essential funding, breaking down barriers and propelling entrepreneurs towards success. We believe in creating opportunities that enable women and girls to achieve their aspirations, one microgrant at a time.

Just As I Am Reading Program

The reading program allows our volunteers to go into schools or learning facilities where inclusion classrooms are found to read storybooks on special needs acceptance. The school will be provided with books for students to take home and read with their families throughout the school year. TYJF understands the importance of inclusion classrooms and we believe that this program will help teach kids to be more accepting of others with all types of special needs. In order to meet this goal, we are asking for donations or sponsorship’s from individuals and organizations.


Marsha Guerrier

As Executive Director, Marsha is responsible for all fundraising and program activities as well as organization partners. She provides leadership to the board, advisory council and volunteers in its mission, simply stated “Change Comes Bearing Gifts.”

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